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SeekingArrangement or is a sugar dating site which allows sugar daddies and mommies from around the world meet their sugar babies in an easy way. Through SeekingArrangement, sugar daddies and sugar babies can have the ideal relationship for real. The sugar relationship of this platform has no string attached so you’re free to decide on long-term relationships or simply companionship. The sugar dating is a mutual relationship dreamed by many people in this world.
This article is about the honest review of SeekingArrangement sugar dating site. We’ll discuss many aspects of this platform including membership, user experience, sign up, and so forth. If you’re considering a sugar dating, then this article is for you. SeekingArrangement is one of the considerable sugar dating sites available online by far.

Member and Membership

SeekingArrangement has millions of members consist of female and male members across the country and the world. As expected the sugar babies overpopulate the sugar daddies. It means that male members have more selections upon the female members. At this point, SeekingArrangement allows a sugar daddy to have up to four sugar babies at the same time. This way the sugar daddy can find his sugar babies more flexible and apply his preferences through the platform.
In general, the sugar babies of the SeekingArrangement site are mostly the university students who are looking for financial support. You may not be able to get any casual dating in the SeekingArrangement since it’s the actual sugar dating site. The worldwide coverage of SeekingArrangement is highly driven by its reputation of being reliable, safe, and effective. The active SeekingArrangement community has attracted more users and visitors to the site.
There are three premium membership of the SeekingArrangement including the 1-month plan for USD 19.95, 3 Months plan for USD 44.85, and 6 Months plan for USD 59.70. Premium memberships allow you to get more privacy option, gift wishlist, message receipts, and no annoying advertisement. At general, premium membership improves the user experiences for sure. Considering what you get, purchasing the premium membership plan of SeekingArrangement is a valuable investment for your sugar relationship.

Sign Up

The signup process of SeekingArrangement takes only a few minutes. You’ll have to provide valid personal information during the registration process. At this sign up the process, you’ll have determined yourself as sugar daddies, sugar mommies, or sugar babies as well as your gender. If you’re the sugar daddy or mommy, then you’re required to set up the budget you’re willing to spend on the sugar babies. In other hands, if you’re the sugar babies, you’ll have to set your desired budget. The signup process is rather long but as soon as you’ve completed it, you can start your matchmaking through SeekingArrangement site.


SeekingArrangement allows its member to have their own control of profile and content privacy. You can set your profiles and gallery to be private, public, or access with your permission. At this point, the third option is highly suggested except for those content or information that contain no confidential aspects. There are fake accounts which should be aware of. Don’t provide any personal or financial information unless you’re sure with who you’re engaged with. The public gallery can be accessed by everyone but the private gallery can be accessed by other members only if you grant the permission.
The most interesting part of SeekingArrangement user experience is offered by its mobile app. Yes, SeekingArrangement develops the app for their platform which supports the mobile experience with every feature needed for quick sugar dating. The user interface is very humble and allows you to navigate the pages. The features of the SeekingArrangement mobile app are just the same as the desktop version but you can share the location through the app. That’s why SeekingArrangement becomes irresistible for sugar relationship seekers.

Finding and Contacting

In the SeekingArrangement site, you can either use the standard searching tool(free) or rely on the matchmaking suggestions the sites have provided to you. There are comprehensive filters to improve your searching result in the SeekingArrangement arrangement for sure. One of the most eligible finding features is where you can set the search tool to show the online members at the top. It will provide you a greater chance of immediate contact by sending the messages to sugar daddies or sugar babies who are online.
You can also join the chat rooms to get more exposure through the SeekingArrangement community. Fortunately, the message feature is free for everyone. This way, you can take an immediate action once you’ve found the online sugar daddies or sugar babies through your searching. The SeekingArrangement blog is also one of the most visited sugar dating blogs which provide you with a comprehensive information and tips about a sugar dating relationship. It also explains why becomes of the world’s most popular sugar dating site yet the most visited and active one.


SeekingArrangement is actually a secured dating site as you’re taking control of your own privacy and the platform will protect your date. If you’ve been in other sugar dating sites, you may need to adapt this unique privacy option. However, the fake accounts could be the issues which require your discretion whenever you’re sharing anything to the platform. The premium membership allows you to have more private options which are something to consider.

General Thoughts

SeekingArrangement offers a safe and comfortable sugar dating environment. The signup process is longer and stricter than other sugar dating sites. The sugar babies are overpopulating the sugar daddies, the ideal proportion. The user experience is quite satisfying especially when you can enjoy the mobile app which allows an immediate dating. The features are comprehensive and the search tool is actually stunning with rigid filters. The SeekingArrangement premium membership plans have a competitive plan and various benefits, worth to invest. If you’re looking for a comprehensive sugar dating site with the app, then you can go nowhere but SeekingArrangement or

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