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Millionaire For Me is a millionaire dating site which allows their members to meet each other and get their own millionaire dating. Millionaire For Me has been providing millionaire dating services for more than a decade. If you’re considering a millionaire dating, then this article is for you. This article is about Millionaire For Me review including the members, membership, signup, user experiences, security, finding and contacting, and so forth. Millionaire For Me could be the millionaire dating site you’re looking for.

Members and Membership

The Millionaire For Me has limited members since it claims to accommodate only verified millionaires and members. Still, Millionaire For Me has thousands of members and offer an opportunity of millionaire dating. At first sight, it offers an instant searching on millionaire but you’ll have to finish the signup to proceed the search any further. It might be a stereotype that the male members are the millionaires but it actually happens in Millionaire For Me platform. The millionaires seem to be the male members.

As expected, the non-millionaire members are way exceeding the millionaire members. Non-millionaire members are usually the ones who are looking for a millionaire and vice versa. However, Millionaire For Me doesn’t limit its membership to meet each other. So it’s also possible for Millionaire looking for Millionaire and Non-Millionaire looking for Non-Millionaire. The sugar relationships are only one of the various relationship types available in Millionaire For Me.
There are three types of Millionaire For Me memberships including trial membership(3 days for $2.97), After Trial Membership, (1-Month for $39.95), and Premium Subscription plans(1-month for $29.95, 3 months for $74.85, 6 months for $119.70). These membership plans can be applied in sequences. If you want to try Millionaire For Me as a part of your research, you can take the trial membership then you can upgrade the membership once you’re satisfied with your trial experience.

Sign Up

The sign-up process of a Millionaire For Met account takes only a few minutes to finish. You’ll be required to fill the standard bo form with your personal data and then you can create you Millionaire For Me account for free. Once you’ve completed the signup process, you’re ready for matchmaking through Millionaire For Me platform. The Platform may suggest you with the members nearby your location so you can have an instant millionaire dating.

It’s interesting since the Millionaire For Me seems to allow a wide range of sexual orientation. In the sign-up process, you can declare your gender to be male or female and you can determine who you’re looking for, male or female. So there is no restriction on male looks for male or female looks for a female in Millionaire For Me. In other hands, you need to decide the arrangement types including benefactor, beneficiary, casual/intimate, extramarital affair, long-term, or simply travel partner. Make sure that your decision is fixed before choosing the arrangement type.

User Experience

Even though there are premium memberships, most pivotal features of Millionaire For Me are available for free. You’re allowed to browse profiles with standard filters, free access, upload unlimited photos, instant messaging, activity logging, free mobile access, e-mail messaging, live cams, video chat, and so forth. Since millionaire seekers are way overpopulating the millionaire members, it takes more efforts to get through the competition. However, exploring the Millionaire For Me site will keep you motivated until you can make a real contact with millionaire members. Whatever your position, it’s suggested, to be honest with your arrangement type.

The extended search allows you to have a relevant search. However, it’s actually a daunting task to get exposed in the Millionaire For Me search engine. In order to improve your profile exposure, you may pay search services available in the Millionaire For Me platform. The next step is to follow the findings. Instant messaging is the major tool to flirt singles you like in the Millionaire For Me. However, managing your profile and gallery is also a crucial task to attract more Millionaire For Me members and increase your chance. It’s also unfortunate that Millionaire For Me doesn’t develop its mobile app version.

Finding and Contact

As previously mentioned, you can use the search tool to find singles in Millionaire For Me. The great thing is that Millionaire For Me manage your location and suggest you with the members nearby. Millionaire For Me cover most countries and there are no geo-restrictions to access the website or join the membership. That’s why just turn off your VPN services and get exposed to millionaire members in a casual way.

Depending on your arrangement type, you can either send a message or receive the message first through the instant messaging feature. If you’re a millionaire seeker, you can initiate a message but don’t bomb it. Millionaire members may receive too many messages and take some time to reply. In other hands, it’s still possible to get a casual relationship (not the millionaire ones) in the Millionaire For Me as the platform is basically open for everyone. Even though it declares as a specific millionaire dating site, Millionaire For Me also accommodates more types of relationship which is represented with its arrangement policy.


Millionaire For Me is basically secured but you may found some fake accounts issues. At this point, your discretion of sharing any personal or financial information is highly required. Millionaire For Me protects your data but you should also be wise in controlling your own privacy.

General Thoughts

Millionaire For Me offers an opportunity to get into but not limited to millionaire dating or relationship. Joining the membership is mandatory to unlock some advanced features. The plans are quite competitive among other millionaire dating sites. Well, the number of members is rather low compared to other similar sites. In other hands, Millionaire For Me allows its member to have a casual relationship which is either unique for its kind or violating its self-declared of being a millionaire dating site. Overall, Millionaire For Me is worth to try, taking the three-day trial membership is highly recommended before upgrading to the long-term plans.

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