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Do you want to find the ideal partner for your future? Someone with a good background and financial status or, frankly, someone who is rich. This site is your answer! is a large and fast-growing dating site. It can guarantee your prosperity in the future because most of the members are rich people and have many assets. offers you the opportunity to become a member and get acquainted with millionaires around the world. Rather than promoting a natural type of relationship, this site further directs its members to more serious, quality, and long-term relationships. has years of experience in the field of online dating and has attracted the attention of people around the world. If you only want to have a relationship with a local person, don’t worry, this site also provides it. This site offers a more practical approach and prioritizes the best results.

How to register to become a member is quite easy. The user only needs to fill in his/her personal information, and after his/her have successfully registered as a member, the user can create own personal profile. As the part of joining, you will be asked to mark the multi-checkbox containing the options that you have to choose. This procedure does take quite a long time and is tedious but will help you in the future. By filling in the boxes, you can search more comfortably and regularly. You are also required to fill in some questions in this process, such as necessary information, search criteria, your status, your nature, your tastes, and your favorite dating style. You should also include photos on membership profiles to make it easier for others to know you. Of course, the other members even put a picture on their profile to make searching easier. You can search through profile photos, joining chat rooms, flirting with other online members, or you can leave a “like” on a profile photo that you like. This site has less – more than 12,000 active users each month, and 200 – 300 people are busy every time.

Because this site is the basis of many online dating members, of course, it is equipped with features that support its members in carrying out their activities. First, there is an instant messaging feature that allows you to communicate with fellow members of this site. There are chat rooms that will enable you to interact with hundreds of other members who are online. This site is also equipped with audio and video chat rooms. Members can communicate with their fellow members, not only by chatting but also through audio and video chat. You can see the real face of your partner and talk face to face with him/her. Besides chat rooms between two people, you can also interact with other members through member forums. Here you can discuss the problems or dilemmas you face and share feelings and get solutions from other members and vice versa.

This site is also equipped with stealth mode to maintain your privacy. This stealth mode serves to protect your data from fraudulent or criminal actions that may occur in cyberspace. Besides, you will not be fooled by fake profiles because the built-in profile filtering mechanism that can track and find fake profile users. You can use the built-in search option to find the right match for your criteria. You will get more than 40 criteria to choose. There is also have Rapid Match feature that serves to find partners following the information you mentioned in your profile. You don’t need to input your preferences manually. You can track activities from hundreds of other members who are online by accessing the user dashboard. You can send flirts to other members if you are interested in them. Also, you can include other members, who are your favorites, to black books. To use all the features available on this site, you better register to become full members. Registering as a standard member is free, but you can only enjoy features that are normal and commonly used. There are several types of prices offered to be able to become full members and access all available features.
1. 3 Days Plan – $ 7.93
2. 1 Month Plan – $ 29.86
3. 3 Months Plan – $ 39.89 or $ 13.30 / month
For payment, you can use a credit card or PayPal. If you are serious about being a member, it is recommended that you should register for this premium package.

As the name implies, This site is specifically for wealthy men/women to find their partners, or for their members to be able to see wealthy men/women as their partners. Previously it was mentioned that this site had been equipped with special features to detect fake profiles to prevent cybercrime. The members who register have been screened with income verification. What is the function of verifying this income? Ensure that members who register as millionaires, it is true that he/she is a millionaire. Of course, you don’t want to be acquainted and date with an undercover. Finally, for millionaires who have already been verified to get a lifetime membership automatically. gets a high ranking compared to other sites. This is because this site has practical approaches with emphasis on satisfying results. This achievement is also supported by the amount of information collected through members that focuses on preferences, personality, and attitudes. This combination of information is a milestone for its members in the success of dating and getting promising relationships.

Apart from all the advantages above. Because this is human-made, this site also has drawbacks. Some users think that the pages of this site are less interesting than the pages of dating sites in general. Because it is more directed at business and usability, according to them, the website page seems less luxurious and tempting. Apart from the side of the page, to be able to use the stealth mode feature, users must be registered as premium members. Of course the costs incurred are not too expensive, but still, some users feel uncomfortable with some locked features when used by standard users. Now, are you ready to find your millionaire?

visit site

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